About Us

We are an above the cut content provider that has stood the test of time as one of the most consistent tech related news updates that readers of our generation can relate to. Being a company that readers can’t seem to close their browser tabs once logged on to, we have taken it upon ourselves to actively update them on any new developments that would otherwise be misinterpreted by competing news publishers.

With the core of our teams all formally educated in the field of technology, the most engaging of our content would most likely have passed through internal discussion sessions to set all facts straight. We never copy what any of our competition have researched and published, you can confirm this by checking our facts against the profiles attached to each news event. With originality engraved in every aspect of how we run our business, it follows that most of our articles would have had teams following up on them well before we post them for our readers to enjoy.

The promise we make to each reading stakeholder with each and every post is that they would never find the same quality anywhere else they decide to look up, and this is a commitment we work tirelessly to achieve.