Do You Have a Studio Apartment? Learn How to Decorate It

The studio apartments usually comprise of a single room that is used to serve different activities. If you want to make this single room look quite spacious, then the sole thing that needs your concentration is the organization. But even paint colors, furniture and the window coverings used for decorating your studio can have an impact on the way your apartment feels.

If you want decorate your studio apartments in Jacksonville FL, make sure to keep it organized by making zones cover particular activities. For example, placing your sofa, coffee table and a chair atop your area rug can make this area serve as your living space. A small bookshelf and desk in the corner can become your office or study space. Furniture can used to serve the purpose of room dividers for creating separate spaces within your large studio. A good option would be to center the bookshelves in your space to set up your TV and seating area on one of the sides while you can place your dining set on another side. Bookshelves can be used in between for storing dining utensils, music, videos, and other similar items.


Add furniture in your Jacksonville apartments that can serve several purposes so that the storage can be maximized. For instance, there are coffee tables that are built on top of the low shelves which can be used for storing magazines and books. You can make use of expandable tables which can be used as the desk in the daytime and later you can expand them for accommodating your dinner guests.

If your apartment has some windows in it, you can brighten it up by hanging large mirror near or across from the window for reflecting the daylight. If you are more concerned about your privacy then you should think about hanging light-colored blinds or curtains for allowing daylight to get filtered through your windows while making sure that they are covered for maintaining privacy at the same time.

Hang maximum possible things for preventing consuming too much of floor space in your studio apartments in Jacksonville. The different options for you in this regard can be to suspend the television on wall bracket as well as hanging shelves for creating extra space for storage. You can use Murphy bed for opening up the floor space even further. There are different kinds of the Murphy beds available, but typically they can be folded inside the cabinet stowing the bed away during day time for creating extra space in the room.

The paint colors that you also choose affect your room’s feel. It is better to go for light colors, when it comes to painting choices, instead of darker tones for the walls of your apartment. Light colors seem to recede to your eye, and this makes the room appear more spacious.