The Food In St. Louis Is So Weird To Me


I am one of those people that consider themselves a foodie. That is why I was excited last year when I took my first trip to St. Louis. There was a part of me that just knew I would be in for some culinary treats. I booked a hotel in Hazelwood, which I was told is located just outside of the city. The minute I got there, I realized that things would be a little different than I expected.

The first thing I noticed was the fact that there were far more chain restaurants around in that city than there are where I am from. I am not saying that we don’t have a Burger King or McDonald’s here and there, but the stretch of highway the hotel was on had more than a mile filled with chains. That does not make any sense at all. It seems like I ended up eating at a ton of these places before feeling bad and wishing I hadn’t.

When I was going down the street with my girlfriend, I noticed a sign that said they had tripe and snoot. I had never heard of the latter and I was horrified when she told me that this was the term used for the nose of a pig. I believe I would have felt a little better about the situation if I did not head to Google in order to get a picture and I was greeted by a huge pig nose on a piece of bread with some condiments on it. Needless to say, there was no way I wanted to eat anything like that.

The Chinese food there is another thing that was baffling to me. It seems like they had fewer things on the menu than any other Asian restaurants I have ever encountered in my life. In addition to that, they had things like duck wings and St. Paul sandwiches, which are not on the menu in the area that I live in. I can say I tried one of those sandwiches and it was actually pretty tasty.

At one point I considered moving to that area, but plans changed. I am actually pleased to know that I will not be living in a place that I can honestly say I think of as being a culinary wasteland. I will stick to all of the things I am used to.